Seesaw is an online learning platform for students of all ages. Teachers can create activities to share with students and engage them in unique ways through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), which is ideal for remote teaching and learning. Students can use creative tools to take pictures, draw, record videos and much more to capture and share their learning and experiences. Seesaw will enable staff at St Mary and St John Primary to engage your child/children in new ways through remote teaching.

The school requires the permission of parents/ carers to create a student account. The school will email parents directly with a request for this permission


Why have St Mary and St John Primary School selected the Seesaw Learning Journal?

Ease of use for children, teachers and families
Allows teachers to provide feedback to pupils
Celebration of children’s achievements
Tools for learners of all ages and abilities: speech-to-text, audio/video instructions, drawing tools, verbal annotation, and more
Flexibility of use across various electronic devices


What happens after I provide permission for my child/children to access Seesaw?

Once permission has been received, the school will create an account for your child/children. You will then receive a unique code that your child/children can use to access their Seesaw classroom.


I’m not particularly tech savvy. How will I support my child in using Seesaw?

Class teachers will model to the children during the school day how to access Seesaw. They will talk them through how to complete simple actions such as how to use learning tools as well as how to inform their teacher that their learning has been completed.


Seesaw training for children, parents and carers (in depth)


Step by step instructions for Seesaw


What devices does Seesaw work on? Are there any costs?

Seesaw will work on almost any device or operating system e.g. Windows PC, Apple Mac, Android, iPhone, tablets, Kindles etc. There are free apps for mobiles and tablets, and on PCs and laptops it simply works within a web-browser.
The is no charge for accessing Seesaw.


Computers and other electronics are limited in my house. Will my child need to use a computer, tablet, or other device for the entire time in order to do their work?

Some device access is required in order for students to read the set task(s), however, students can still complete their work in text books or other hard copy materials. Seesaw allows students to simply take a photo of their work when it’s finished and share it with their teacher, quickly and easily — the mobile device app is particularly good for this. Additionally, students can add verbal and visual explanations to photos of their work, providing their teachers with greater insights into their understanding of the task.


What if I don’t want my child to have this educational tool?

If you choose to not provide St Mary and St John Primary School with permission to make this account for your child, they will not be able to engage with their teachers and classmates in the manner outlined above. If you choose not to give permission, your child can still access learning materials through a delivered paper pack.


Please click on the link below to see the Seesaw privacy policy

Seesaw Privacy Policy


Further information about Seesaw

Please visit the Seesaw website at


Will my child be taught broadly the same curriculum as they would if they were in school?

English and Maths will be taught everyday in line with the curriculum they would normally receive in school. All of the other subjects will be taught in rotation in the afternoons. There are inevitably some adaptations in subjects such as PE and drama.


How long should my child spend on remote learning each day?

Key Stage 1 children should learn for two to three hours.

Key Stage 2 children should learn for three to four hours.


What if my child does not have digital or online access at home?

Your child can still access learning materials through a delivered paper pack.


What is the expectation for your child’s engagement? How much support should parents and carers give?

We want every child to engage and for parents and carers to support with this. We also understand that parents will also need to work and that children naturally have different levels of engagement with their school work.


How will we check if children are engaging with their work?

Pupils engagement is checked daily through the Seesaw platform. If we are worried about a child not engaging we contact the family.


How will we assess children’s work?

Seesaw is a highly interactive platform which enables teachers to provide regular feedback.


How will we help families who have children who may need additional support to access remote education?

The Special Needs Coordinator and class teacher are in regular communication with families who may need extra support. A variety of approaches is used e.g. Zoom interventions, 1:1 therapy sessions in school, specific resources delivered to homes, attendance at school and paper intervention packs.


What happens if my child is self-isolating and not attending school?

The expectation is that self-isolating pupils with use Oak National Academy and record their learning in an exercise book. The teacher will respond to this when the child returns to school. The class teacher will contact the family during the period of isolation.



Click on this link for how to stay safe when learning online