National Curriculum

We follow the National Curriculum throughout the school. Developing children’s English and Maths is central to our teaching and learning. We spend time each day on these essential skills.

We use a cross-curricular approach to learning, when appropriate, helping children to learn in meaningful contexts, independently and in collaboration.

Wherever possible we encourage creativity and support the children in expressing themselves, in all areas of the curriculum, to develop their confidence and foster cooperation.

We place a strong emphasis on the creative arts, including storytelling, physical education and outdoor learning.

If you require additional information about the curriculum please contact the school office.


Long Term Plans 2018-19



Curriculum Maps

At the start of each term the class teachers send home a “curriculum map”, showing the main themes and areas of learning the children will be working on that term. We hope that this helps to keep families informed, and able to support the children’s interests and activities.

As part of our continuing story-telling project, the teachers place a story at the centre of each curriculum map, as the starting point for the topic and the term.


English at St Mary & St John

As part of our story-telling project, in collaboration with Oxford’s Story Museum, the teachers use a story as the starting point for each new topic. Click the link below to learn more…


Maths at St Mary & St John

Our maths calculation policy and resources are a guide to support our parents when working with their children at home. It shows methods which are currently taught in our school.


Maths – Progress in Understanding Mathematics Assessment (PUMA) – Medium Term Plans



Under Review

Swimming at St Mary & St John

The school has use of the nearby Oxford University Rosenblatt Pool for swimming sessions.

This is a lovely pool, large (25 m x 17 m) and well equipped, with good changing areas. It is part of the Oxford University Sports Complex on Iffley Road, and the children walk to and from the sessions, in supervised groups, along Meadow Lane and Jackdaw Lane.

On swimming days children need to bring to school a swimsuit, a towel and a swimming cap, in a waterproof bag. Caps can be bought at the school office at Meadow Lane.



Music at St Mary & St John


Music is an important part of the school curriculum, and all children take part in singing and general music sessions in school. Some children may also wish to join the Mary & John Orchestra Strings Group or sing with the choir.

For children who would like to learn a musical instrument in school, Oxfordshire Music Service and some school specific music teachers provide a range of lessons.


Sports & Outdoor Learning at St Mary & St John


We have a specialist PE teacher who comes in twice a week and teaches all children in Key Stage 2. The children are given the opportunity to take part in sports festivals and sports competitions. We have a boys and girls football team who train weekly and play regularly.

Every year our Year 6 children go on a fun filled residential trip to Woodlands Centre in Wales. When the children stay at the centre they have a week of outdoor activities including: canoeing, climbing, abseiling, mountain walking, orienteering and caving. This week is often one of the highlights of the children’s year.