Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to the Year 3 home learning page and the start of our Summer Term! We hope you have had an enjoyable Easter break at home with your families. A brief  update about Y3 Home Learning this term. We will be using the White Rose Maths  home learning resources (which we also  use in school ) primarily for our maths learning. These include a daily learning video  to support your child’d understanding  and an accompanying worksheet to complete(answer sheet to be provided).  Additional Times Tables practice sheets and optional maths extensions will also be supplied. The BBC have also partnered up with the White Rose team, and other well trusted education providers – and will be delivering  a tailored day of learning ( age group specific) across BBC iPlayer and Red Button. BBC Bitesize Daily, as the online service will be called, will home a new Maths and English lesson for every child every day. Where possible we will link areas of our Maths learning to tie in  with these BBC daily lessons.  More information to follow as programming  details are released. See update below.

Our topic this term should be ‘The Amazon Rainforest‘ linked  to our focus story ‘The Great Kapok Tree’  – subtitled ‘ A Tale of the Amazon Rainforest’ – by Lynne Cherry  (A picture book by Harcourt). This is usually a very popular topic with our Year 3 children with lots of opportunities to explore related areas of learning( e.g. habitats,  Amazon animals, threats ) and wider global issues. Therefore we will try  our best to base our English and Topic curriculum learning around  this hugely interesting  and relevant Amazon Rainforest theme.

Miss Edwards will upload Art lesson plans for this term , week by week  –  which are based around the art work of Henry Rousseau. Please see below.

We are always delighted to receive any work from the children which we can share in our Year 3 Gallery below.

The Year 3 team continue to wish all our families the very best for the upcoming weeks.

Warm Spring wishes and positive ‘High Fives’  from,

Jacquie Pinches, Annis Ahktar and Helen Edwards


Date: Week Commencing: Monday 23rd May 2020



Here is a note to Year 3 from Miss Akhtar, Mrs Pinches and Miss Edwards

Dear Year 3,

Mrs Pinches, Ms Edwards and I are really impressed with all the hard work you have been doing across the year 3 curriculum.  A big thank you to your parents for helping you to  access our year 3 curriculum activities.

Week beginning 23rd May is our Half Term week.  We have set you Homework for Maths, Grammar and Comprehension.  We hope you have a lovely Half term and for those of us celebrating Eid, we wish you all a Happy Eid and hope you continue to stay safe.

Miss Akhtar, Mrs Pinches and Miss Edwards


Reminder: 18.05.2020 Miss Edwards has uploaded the final art lesson in the rainforest collage learning sequence. Miss Moreton has made another fantastic: ‘How to…step by step ’ instruction video showing how to create a rainforest collage at home. Some of the art skills outlined are already familiar to our Year 3 children. See under Art planning at the bottom of the web page.

Update: White Rose Maths Videos now fit neatly alongside the BBC Y3 Bitesize Daily Progression content. This means that Y3 children  can also link with the BBC worksheets. See link below.

BBC and White Rose maths aligned content is here  :Year 3 Maths BBC + White Rose W/C 11.05.2020

BBC Bitesize Daily Lesson for age 7 to 8    Mrs Pinches has had a peek and  in particular recommends the English grammar content for our Year 3 children. 

Every day you will find  a daily lesson  in Maths and English, focusing mainly on core skills. Plus daily  lessons in other subjects (E.g. History, Geography, Science etc) for the 7 to 8 age group. 

In addition, a daily episode for 7 to 9 year old will be available from 9.00 am each weekday. Click on this  link to view.  BBC iPlayer Bitesize Daily Lesson Each Weekday 20 mins  



Date: Week commencing Monday  23rd May  2020

Overview: Multiplication and Division using our 3, 4, and 8 times tables

This week we will be focusing on Multiplication and Division based around the 3, 4 and 8 times tables.

Here is the link to this week’s White Rose Home Learning Page with video guides to ‘walk you through’ the daily lessons. N/A

 Please watch the video and follow the instructions on how to complete the tasks on the worksheet. Answers are available to check your work.There is one lesson for each day – Monday to Thursday. If you able to please print off the worksheet. Otherwise record/ write answers  in to your Home Learning Maths book. 

Friday is Arithmetic day (Miss Edwards to set tasks designed to  recap the four operations).


Ongoing : Times Tables 

Please continue to practise  your Times Tables on  Hit the Button. Year 3 Children are expected to know their 3, 4 and 8 times tables fluently ( namely –  off by heart ) up to 12 times the given number  (e.g. 12 x 8)  –  and to know the related divisionfacts by the end of Year 3. So please keep on practising.  You could also revisit your 2, 5, and 10 times times tables and division facts if you are still not 100% confident in them. 

Here are the links to some new Times Tables websites to keep the children engaged and practising!

A fun Mental Maths Train Game to practise the four Operations

Mega Times Tables Practice! Try a speed test.

Remember to keep logging into your Mathletics account to complete your assigned exercises.  This week try to complete any outstanding exercises. 

Extra Maths challenges can be found on this excellent website which offers a  variety of activities to try at home:

Enrich Your Maths Learning ! 


This week we will continue to focus on the 3, 4, and 8 x tables.





Maths Homework

Comparing-Statements-Slides – Answers Included

Comparing-Statements-Reasoning and Problem Solving- Answers Included

Comparing-Statements-Varied Fluency – Answers Included


Additional Challenges to have a go at:

Optional Times-Tables-Funpack




Every Friday is Arithmetic Day! 

Arithmetic Work to be set by Miss Edwards. 

This week we are going to have a go at an arithmetic paper.  Remember just to try your best, check your answers, and to learn from any of your mistakes.  The answers are at the end of the paper. 


Previous Week:

Multiplication Triangles.

Multiplication Triangles – answers.





Date: Week commencing 23rd May 2020 – Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Homework

Types-of-Nouns-Slides- Answers Included

Types-of-Nouns-Application and Reasoning- Answers Included

Types-of-Nouns-Varied Frequency- Answers Included


Date: Week commencing 23rd May 2020 – Comprehension Homework

Comprehension-Bronze – Answers Included

Comprehension-Silver – Answers Included

Comprehension-Gold – Answers Included

Comprehension-Platinum – Answers Included




Date: Week commencing Monday 18th May 2020

Our learning focus this week will be poetry. See the weekly outline below for full details.

Parental Note: Here is a weekly outline of the focus in English learning this week. It  includes a  day- by- day lesson breakdown and useful parental guidance notes about the learning tasks. Please  read the overview  to help you gain a better  understanding of the learning  pathway this week and to best support your child with the set activities to complete. 

Summer Term WK 5 WC .18.05.2020 Outline of English Home Learning this week

Useful links to poetry sites here:

Listen to the world’d best poetry read out loud at The Fabulous Poetry Archive

Poetry 4 Kids – portal to Loads of fantastic poems

Poet Joseph Coelho investigates how to write FUN poetry.

Poet Joseph Coelho  How poetry can be used to express emotions and feeling

Monday:  Activity: Read a List poem. Create your own  List poem

In the Cave Poem 

List poem Template 18.05.2020

Tuesday: Activity: Draft a Shape Poem 

Shape poems PowerPoint

19.05.2020 Notes on how to draft a shape poem

Optional: Web link below

Pie Corbett provides some hints and tips to help you write a shape or observation poem

Wednesday: Edit and improve my shape poem. Write up in best.

My Shape poem edit checklist

Thursday:   Spaghetti Poem to read. Complete the accompanying Worksheet

spaghetti spaghetti poem + worksheet


See the Guidance notes in the Weekly outline

Friday:    Focus:Spelling and/or  grammar task   To be added on 20.05.2020


Focus: Use of possessive apostrophes .See this Bitesize Learning link

Day 5 apostrophes Start Here

Day 5 Use of apostrophes Harder

Quiz possessive apostrophes

Optional: Extra Grammar Recap Exercises: Mat 4


Day 5 Spelling Task

Optional but recommended by Mrs Pinches!

Try extra spelling practice of Year 3 expected words made fun by playing this game: Choose your own spelling patterns to practise. Challenge yourself with those fiendish ‘tricky words’. 

Look, Cover, Write, Check Y3 Spelling practise. Game !

General note about learning spellings. Here is the Expected Spelling Word List Y3&4.   Here also is the  Y3&4-Common exception words spelling-list This is for parental reference. See today’s task for a fun  online game to help practise expected spellings. A little but often is a sensible ongoing approach! You might like to think of other fun ways to support and check your child’s knowledge of spelling patterns at home. If your child is finding the Y3 spellings challenging you might want to  revisit the Year 2 spellings. Here is the Y2 common word lists. Y2 Common-Exception-Words-checklist 

Here is an activity booklet to download and print:  -Common-Ex-Words-Year-2-Activity-Book




Other Reading suggestions: Please continue to read for pleasure. Reading could also include listening to audio books – lots of these can be found on YouTube or

  • OxfordOwl – Free E-books This is a very good website (Oxford University Press) lots of information for parents to support children’s reading, spelling and learning at home. Year Group specific. 

  • More E- books to be found here:



Topic Work: Cross Curricular Link : English and Topic focus Weeks 3+ 4

 Over the next two weeks our cross curricular learning will focus on 

  • Why rainforests are so important?
  • Identifying (naming) foods and products that come from rainforests
  • Thinking  about why people cut down trees in the rainforest 
  • Thinking about the impact of logging on the rainforest natural environment

Watch these clips to find out more about tropical rainforests and their wildlife .

National Geographic Rainforests

SOS Orangutan Society

David Attenborough says Boo to a Sloth

World Wildlife Fund Pages on the Amazon :Rare Clip : Black Jaguar Taking a Swim 

Explore this National Geographic website to find out about animals and their habitats.

Dorling Kindersley Find Out link.

Or look at this National Geographic website for kids: National Geographic Link

Here is an additional resources in a PowerPoint Application: 

The Amazon Rainforest Deforestation

Art Term 5 (20/04/20 – 22/05/20)  – Miss Edwards

Henry Rousseau

In term 5 the children will be looking at exploring the work of Henry Rousseau.  Each week the children will progress in their skills and techniques leading up to their final responses of a mixed media piece.


Week 1: Drawing using basic shapes.


Resources:                       Henry Rousseau Powerpoint Henry Rousseau Word Document Images of jungle animals 

Week 2: Drawing from nature 

Resources:                       Plant sheet 

Week 3: Colour Mixing 

This week we are going to look at colour mixing. Miss Moreton has made a video to help you. Remember to keep your colour strips or your leaves for your rainforest collages next week

Resources:                       Leaves, paper, paintbrush, water, newspaper, paint (watercolour, acrylic, poster paint, food colouring, whatever you

                                          have in the house). 

Hello Aspen and Mulberry. This is Miss Moreton. I have made a video to get you started with looking at colour tones and colour mixing:


Week 4: Rainforest Collages

This week we are going to develop the Henri Rousseau project by making a rainforest collage. Have a look at the video and see if you can make your own collage with a rainforest animal in it. 

Resources:                    Paper, glue, scissors. Painted paper, pages from a magazine, leaves



Week 5: Rainforest Insects NEW

This week we are going to make rainforest insects

Resources:                    Paper, leaves, twigs, moss, seed pods, daisies or small flowers, feathers etc.

Work sheet.                       Rainforest Insects


Photo:Raku Inoue

Remember to send your work into the office and see it pop up on the gallery page below…. xxx

Art Gallery:

If you would like to share some of the artwork that you have created at home, please photograph it and email it to the school office. We will then post it in this gallery.  Do also look on Jo Acty’s Artworks website for extra Art Ideas



Lester (Mulberry Class) The problem with Palm Oil Persuasive poster .Rosa’s (Aspen Class) Awesome Amazonian Leopard Maya’s (Mulberry Class) Brilliant, Colourful  Persuasive Deforestation Poster Imogen’s picture of Theseus

and the Minotaur .A series of pictures

inspired by Greek Mythology stories.

Rosa’s Egyptian Mask Aspen Class Simon (Mulberry Class) Fantastic Fractions Problem Solving Simon (Mulberry) Equivalent Fractions Simon. Exploring Prime Numbers
Imogen’s Myths collection

Open to see Imogen’s Greek Myth pictures.

Maisie’ s (Aspen Class ) Ocelot Fact File beautifully illustrated.
Marlene’s (Aspen Class ) Striking Egyptian Portrait
Maddie (Aspen) My Hand Shape Poem
Luqmaan’s List Poem .Imogen’s Lion scheme picture. Inspired by Henri Matisse
Abdullah (Mulberry) Scissors Shape Poem
Marlene’s (Aspen) Detailed Fairy drawing
Luqmaan’s work. Some lovely colour mixing. Shinji’s super Tiger shape drawing Miles’s Tree Frog
Anya (Mulberry Class)
Anteater made from recycled materials
Anya’s beautiful Anteater picture
Anya’s Fox made from recycled materials
Anya’s beautiful Egyptian Jackal mask

Maisie has enjoyed researching Rousseau and made a recreation of ‘Surprised’ using garden cuttings and a ceramic ornament that she loves.


Marlene’s (Aspen) Jaguar
Marlene (Aspen Class) Beautiful descriptive writing on a jaguar
Anya’s (Mulberry) model creations Ismail’s beautiful work on Ancient Egypt

Artist at work

Ismail’s incredible mapping
Abi (Mulberry) Ice-Cream Shape Poem
Shinji’s Anubis Model Shinji’s (Mulberry Class ) sensational rainforest painting 
Carl’s great colour mixing – Aspen Class.
Marlene (Aspen) Fantastic Creative Writing inspired by The Great Kapok Tree. Please listen .
Simon’s well-camouflaged leaf insect. Mulberry Class.