Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to the Year 3 home learning page. We hope you have had an enjoyable half-term  break  with your families, and enjoyed some of the delightful and plentiful sunshine as best you could. A brief  update about our Y3 Home Learning  for this our final summer term

Main headline this week: Y3 Class Dojo Page Coming Soon ! Please see Friday’s Parent Mail requesting parental permission for your child to sign up for our Y3 Class Dojo Page. Thank you to those who have already sent in their parental email contact details.  We plan to get up and running this week. Class Dojo should  allow us to have more interaction and connection with our Year 3 children.

As outlined in previously communications: The Y3  Home Learning page will be somewhat  reduced from Monday 1st June onward, as all teaching and support staff  are required to be in school to support the partial reopening to Years 1 and 6, plus continued support for other specific groups of children.

Please be reassured, however, that we are  committed to providing good quality learning  opportunities for our Year 3 children whist they continue with their remote  learning from home. Please bear with us as we adjust to our new working routines and patterns.

Maths: We will continue to  use  the White Rose Maths  home learning resources (which we also  use in school ) for our maths learning. These include a daily learning video  to support your child’d understanding  and an accompanying worksheet to complete(answer sheet to be provided). We also continue to recommend  BBC Bitesize Year 3 Link  for linked daily Maths lesson.

We will continue to assign work on Mathletics. Please remind your child to log in.

English: We will continue to provide a daily activity – usually based around a text, as this format has proved popular and accessible. This week we will focus on recapping Year 3  English skills like grammar, spelling and punctuation to round off the current academic year.

We also continue to recommend  BBC Bitesize Year 3 Link  for  daily English  lessons –  mostly reviewing and revisiting  essential Y3 core skills.

Reading: We will continue to upload weekly reading comprehensions. We highly recommend your child reads for at least 30 minutes a day.

Other Learning Opportunities :  Please visit : Oak Academy Year 3 Online Classroom National Academy

Art: Miss Edwards has added 2 exciting ART COMPETITION opportunities for our Year 3 children. Please scroll down for full details.

Science : Please scroll down to find out about a brand new Science Challenge uploaded-by Miss Dawkins 

A daily episode for 7 to 9 year old will be available from 9.00 am each weekday.

Click on this  link to view.  BBC iPlayer Bitesize Daily Lesson Each Weekday 20 mins  

We will endeavour to provide optional additional work each week, possibly  linked to our English theme and project based.

We are always delighted to receive any work from the children which we can share in our Year 3 Gallery below.

The Year 3 team continue to wish all our families the very best for the upcoming weeks.

Jacquie Pinches, Annis Ahktar and Helen Edwards


Week Commencing: Monday 13.07.2020 

NEW:  13..07.2020  Letter to Aspen and Mulberry Class – 13th July 2020



Date: Week commencing Monday 13th July 2020 – Capacity, Pictograms and Bar Charts

Overview: Multiplication and Division using our 3, 4, and 8 times tables

Ongoing: Times Tables

Please continue to practise  your Times Tables on  Hit the Button. Year 3 Children are expected to know their 3, 4 and 8 times tables fluently ( namely –  off by heart ) up to 12 times the given number  (e.g. 12 x 8)  –  and to know the related division facts by the end of Year 3. So please keep on practising.  You could also revisit your 2, 5, and 10 times times tables and division facts if you are still not 100% confident in them. 

Here are the links to some new Times Tables websites to keep the children engaged and practising!

A fun Mental Maths Train Game to practise the four Operations

Mega Times Tables Practice! Try a speed test.

Remember to keep logging into your Mathletics account to complete your assigned exercises.  

Extra Maths challenges can be found on this excellent website which offers a  variety of activities to try at home:

Enrich Your Maths Learning ! 


This week we will focus on Reasoning and Problems Solving based around Multiplication and Division.




Here is the link to this week’s White Rose Home Learning Page with video guides to ‘walk you through’ the daily lessons. Video Links

Please watch the video and follow the instructions on how to complete the tasks on the worksheet. Answers are available to check your work.There is one lesson for each day – Monday to Thursday. If you able to please print off the worksheet. Otherwise record/ write answers  in to your Home Learning Maths book. 


















Additional Maths Challenges to have a go at:






Every Friday is Arithmetic Day: (Miss Edwards to set tasks designed to  recap the four operations).

This week we are going to have a go at an arithmetic paper.  Remember just to try your best, check your answers, and to learn from any of your mistakes.  The answers are at the end of the paper. 


Previous Week:



Date: Week commencing Monday 13th July 2020

This week we will focus on recapping Year 3  English skills like grammar, spelling and punctuation to round off the current academic year. All the activities will be stand alone practice tasks.

Day 1 Task :  Monday 13th July 

Grammar focus: Homophones 

BBC Animated clip to support Homophone learning

Task : -Homophones-Practice-Activity-Sheet-They’re-There-Their_

A fun movement song from Super Movers to help secure understanding of homophones

Tuesday 14th July A Summer themed Year 3 English booklet aimed at revisiting key skills in a fun way.

Please note this booklet is 12 pages long and is designed to do over two days.

Day  2 Task: Year 3 Summer English Activity Booklet

Answers: Answers

Wednesday 15th July  

Day 3 Task Complete Year 3 Summer English Activity Booklet (See above)

Thursday 16th July

Spelling/ Handwriting focus: 

Year 3 and 4 Statutory spelling words – Common exception words. Have a go at practising the handwriting patterns.

Can you put ten of the spelling words into sentences?

Please make sure to start your sentences with a capital letter. Try to use lots of different punctuation(such as question marks, exclamation marks, speech marks and commas!

Day 4 Task: Year-3 and Year-4-statutory-spelling-words-handwriting-activity-sheets

Friday 17th  July

Spelling focus: Correct the spelling mistake. Please note this is a 6 page pack. Work through at your own pace and level.

Day 5 Task: Year-3-and-4-correct-the-spelling-mistakes 6 x -activity-sheet-pack with answers



Year 3 English Grammar and Punctuation  Check (with answers) 

Day 5 Task: Handwriting  Task (stand alone) : -First-100-high-frequency-words-handwriting-practice -sheets-

Other additional resources:




SCIENCE CHALLENGE – introduction 

Link for the science challenge!



Click on this link to see some interesting engineering activities!


Click on this link for some modern foreign language activities


Click on this link to see some coding activities


Optional but recommended by Mrs Pinches!

Try extra spelling practice of Year 3 expected words made fun by playing this game: Choose your own spelling patterns to practise. Challenge yourself with those fiendish ‘tricky words’. 

Look, Cover, Write, Check Y3 Spelling practise. Game !

General note about learning spellings. Here is the Expected Spelling Word List Y3&4.   Here also is the  Y3&4-Common exception words spelling-list This is for parental reference. See today’s task for a fun  online game to help practise expected spellings. A little but often is a sensible ongoing approach! You might like to think of other fun ways to support and check your child’s knowledge of spelling patterns at home. If your child is finding the Y3 spellings challenging you might want to  revisit the Year 2 spellings. Here is the Y2 common word lists. Y2 Common-Exception-Words-checklist 

Here is an activity booklet to download and print:  -Common-Ex-Words-Year-2-Activity-Book


Other Reading suggestions: Please continue to read for pleasure. Reading could also include listening to audio books – lots of these can be found on YouTube or https://www.storylineonline.net/

  • OxfordOwl – Free E-books This is a very good website (Oxford University Press) lots of information for parents to support children’s reading, spelling and learning at home. Year Group specific. 

  • More E- books to be found here: https://readingeggs.co.uk/


Topic Work: Cross Curricular Link : English and Topic  Summer Term : Week 4 to 5

Our focus story book: Flotsam has some beautiful illustrations of Hermit Crabs. What do you know about these fascinating sea creatures? Did you know Hermit Crabs swap shells? Task: Can you write a fact file about Hermit Crabs?

 Watch the clips below to find out more.

Hermit Crab Swapping Shells

Blue Planet Hermit Crab Clip



 Art Term 6 – Miss Edwards. NEW


The Ickabog Story Begins! - The Ickabog


Illustration Competition


This is an exciting opportunity to get involved with JK. Rowling’s new story!


Calling all budding artists! J.K. Rowling is inviting you to help illustrate The Ickabog for her. Every day when chapters of the story are uploaded, she will be making suggestions for what you might like to draw or paint to illustrate the story as it goes along. You should let your imagination run wild!

Entries are open, (7 – 12 years) and the competition will close at 6 pm BST on Friday 17th July 2020.

For more information click on the link: https://www.theickabog.com/competition/



2020 Art Competition – Artist in residence

We want to see your creative response to a situation which has affected everyone and every aspect of our lives this year.

Your entry can be any type of visual

artwork: paintingdrawingprintmakingcomputer-aided designtextilesphotographysculpturevideo art, or collage.

Your artwork might reflect on the experience of lockdown and being at home, things that you are missing or looking forward to when life resumes, or sources of inspiration and hope during the difficult circumstances that we are all facing.

The closing date for the competition is 5 pm on Friday 31 July 2020.

For more information click on the link: https://www.ashmolean.org/art-competition

Term 5  Previous:

Henry Rousseau

In term 5 the children will be looking at exploring the work of Henry Rousseau.  Each week the children will progress in their skills and techniques leading up to their final responses of a mixed media piece.


Henry Rousseau PP Henry Rousseau Doc Images of jungle animals  


Plant sheet 



Rainforest Insects https://youtu.be/TCevO2ndW2s


Remember to send your work into the office and see it pop up on the gallery page below…. xxx

Art Gallery:

If you would like to share some of the artwork that you have created at home, please photograph it and email it to the school office. We will then post it in this gallery.  Do also look on Jo Acty’s Artworks website for extra Art Ideas https://www.artworks.org.uk/links




Tessa Art work Mulberry Class
Lester’s Free Verse poem in response to The Promise picture book
Imogen’s Bear and the Piano Concert Poster . Wow!
L .Ameya – Aspen Class- A Blue Ocean Scene
Tessa’s Night seascape by moonlight

Tessa (Mulberry) Art work
Marina’s beautiful Humming Bird Collage 21.05.20  (Mulberry)
Oscar’s Knight’s Helmet
Tessa’s beautiful landscape art work
Imogen’s Creative write in response to the picture book Flotsam.
Lovely ‘Tiger-and-Ocelot’ collage by Filip – Aspen Class Close to Nature – By Carl Gyrd-Hansen
Finn's Rain forest HabitatFinn’s wonderfully detailed mythical mapFinn’s rainforest flip book

A super 3D rainforest by Fin

Chocolate Poem By Maya in Aspen Class. Inspired by the Spaghetti Poem.