Here is some of the lovely work you’ve sent us

Great work Ben!


Here’s a video of Chloe’s brilliant Viking longboat:

Chloe Viking ship

And here is Joshua’s fantastic Viking longboat:

Rumi wrote a brilliant ad for his Norse mythology world tour – here’s the ppt and audio. Check it out – it’s hilarious!


Stanley has made a new friend: Wublu, the tardigrade (sewed by Stanley!) How cool is Wublu!

Here’s a super Viking map by Harry – so colourful and creative!

And here’s a beautiful map by Poppy! I can just imagine discovering this on an ancient manuscript!

Fantastic work on the Vikings historical sources, and a beautiful piece of prose describing world creation, by Rosa H Viking project work Rosa Hamilton

A wonderful piece of prose on world creation by Annie:

And Annie did some absolutely excellent work on historical sources too!

Here’s a great creation story by Joshua – very vivid and philosophical!

Joshua creation story

How cool is this!! Chloe made a word of the day flip book for the new vocab — I absolutely love it! : )

Chloe word of the day

Mizuki wrote a lovely, vivid description of her character, Seleana

Caitlyn did a lovely design of her goddess, whose power is to move people without touching them!

Alec wrote a vivid description of his new being, Elvr, and you can clearly see how he was inspired by Gaiman’s description of Thor:

Alec also wrote this poem to commemorate the birthday of Shakespeare. I think it shows a real feel for what Shakespeare did with words!

Alec wrote a sweet, funny, rhythmic poem about his good friend:


When he reads, you can really feel the rhythms:

This is a beautiful piece of prose, by Annie:


What a lovely design by Rumi! And here he is, training his guinea pig, Pip, in Art! Love it! Rumi also wrote a fab poem about this very thing!


What a lovely drawing of Smaug, by Rosa H! And here are her fantastic poems about dragons: Rosa H. Poem and picture


Here’s Khadijah’s poem – how inventive to write from the dragon’s perspective!


Here’s a funny, rhyming poem by Chloe!

Here’s Alec’s poem – so evocative and full of fantastic imagery!

And here’s an inventive, vivid poem from Rosa S — I love how she plays with the elements of poetry!























Two beautiful poems from Greta in Hazel!

Here’s a cool map of his imaginary world, by Seb:

Mizuki did an amazing science project!

And Chloe’s Maths project, designing her own bedroom, is really impressive! Chloes bedroom project (1)

Thanks for your lovely, inventive poem about St George, Rosa H: Rosa H, St. George and the Dragon poem (1)

Here is some excellent work from Theo! A great poster on dragons, a detailed map of his fantasy world and another fantastic poster on the Vikings. Well done Theo!






















A beautiful poem by Esme G!







A wonderful drawn Jay and Blue tit by Lili!










A fantastic piece of writing by Esmé G. You’ve really encapsulated the feel of Viking mythology,
















Hayya’s gorgeous Dragon









An excellent Science project by Theo!










A wonderful piece of writing by Greta and an excellent painting of a Viking longboat! Well done!


And here’s some more of your fantastic work:


Rosa S sent in a fantastic science poster! Thanks, Rosa — great work! : )

Minbblia Map  <– click on this link to see the most beautiful world map (of the land of Minbblia) by Mizuki! She should be an illustrator — it’s marvellous!

Thanks for your lovely rainbow, Harry! : )

Here’s some lovely origami by Khadijah! : )


Caitlyn – French reply letter Max – French Reply letter
Some fantastic French work here by  Seb, Well done. French reply here by Caitlyn – Formidable!  Bravo Max, great reply.

Art Gallery:

If you would like to share some of the artwork that you have created at home, please photograph it and email it to the school office. We will then post it in this gallery.

Poppy the artist at work…

Poppy the Artist at work.

Mitzuki’s Blue tit made from air drying clay !
Annie S. Pattern ! Caitlyn/.F  Eye Rumi  – Pattern Design                Nora – Hiding
              Nora – Hiding Joshua’s Pattern work  More lovely patterns by Joshua   Fantastic Spiral by Joshua
And some more, Joshua! Isabella’s response to Karen Lynch Esme’s Isometric FIsh  Caitlyn’s response to the word Covid-19
Rosa H – Pattern Design with Colour Greta’s Pattern Design Chloe’s beautiful pattern design.