Home Learning During Coronavirus Pandemic


Letters to Year 6 from Mr C and Ms B

Minion Waving Blank Minions Card (DE002) - Character Brands Week beginning 18.5.20

Mr C letter #5

Ms B letter #5


Dear Parents and Carers,

We understand that this is a difficult time and, during the period where SSMJ is closed, we will aim to provide all work on this Year 6 page. Each morning the Year 6 team will upload English and Maths work for the day. Work will be uploaded between 8 am and 9 am. There will also be an optional project to complete which the children have already started in school. See below for details:


We would encourage the children to read for at least half an hour a day and then spend an hour on their English work. Each week, English will include the following:

Monday Creative writing – we will provide a stimulus for writing for the children to respond to. There will be questions for them to think about and some starting ideas to support their writing. We will use a range of pictures, videos and texts to stimulate ideas.
Tuesday Reading comprehension – we will upload a text or film and some reading comprehension questions for the children to complete.
Wednesday Spelling, punctuation and grammar – this will be accessed by spag.com and Readiwriter – children are familiar with these websites. We will provide an alternative document for those unable to access these sites. It is essential that children keep up with these foundational skills.
Thursday Journal writing – we would like the children to keep a record of what they have been up to each week. This might include any new learning, hobbies etc. We will also give children some ideas of activities that they could do throughout the week.
Friday Poetry



A lesson will be uploaded each day with an accompanying instructional video. There will then be a worksheet for the children to complete. If you are looking to supplement your child’s learning further: Mathletics and other resources are available here (Chatterpack is a blog that provides a huge amount of free resources for home learning ranging across KS1, KS2 and KS3).

In addition to this, Twinkl and Classroom Secrets have provided free home learning packs for each year group.

The Year 6 team wish you all the best. Any additional questions should be emailed through the school office.

P.S – Dear children, we would love to hear from you and about any independent learning you have done. If you want to share anything with us or even just drop us a note, email us and we will try to reply. 



Home Learning Term 5 Year 6


Daily work 

Date: 22.5.20




Please complete Lesson 5, ‘Friday Maths Challenge’. Please find the activity sheet and answers below. Write all answers in your home learning Maths exercise book.




English – 


Please watch the video from the above web page entitled, ‘Budapest’.

Task: Write your own personification poem about an object of your choice.



The BBC has produced new, comprehensive learning resources. Do look at these links for supplementary materials:



The Lost Words Activity Pack


Project work 



Evolution - Wikipedia

We will be studying Adaption, Evolution and Inheritance
WALT: Identify how animals and plants are adapted to suit their environment in different ways and that adaptation may lead to evolution. 
Research animals and plants and how they are adapted to their environment. Choosing a particular environment is a good starting point  e.g pond life, desert animals etc
Useful worksheets:

Dust rises on the mud tracks during an evening safari (Credit: Credit: Charukesi Ramadurai)


Our topic this term is The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. Take a look at the link above which explores the natural environment that inspired the story. We would then like you to carry out a research project on India. You can choose any area to focus on including: environment, history, language, folk tales, religion etc. Then produce a poster, video, PowerPoint presentation and send it to us. Due: 18.5.20

Poetry performance

Rudyard Kipling - Wikiquote


Rudyard Kipling wrote this poem in around 1895. It was written in the form of advice to the poet’s son. If you would like to, record yourself reading or reciting the poem and send it to us to put on the website. We will collect the year group’s responses together for a big reading! Due: 18.5.20



Art Term 5 (20/04/20 – 22/05/20) – Miss H Edwards

This term you can carry on with your conservation hybrid animal theme, however,  I have some more fun activities that you could add to your theme.

The attached video was made by my friend Mrs. B. (Mrs. Sarra Bird) who is also an Art teacher and is studying the Art and Education MA with me. She is fab and you will love her work. Have a go with the activities and add them to your theme.  I will post a different video every week.

Week 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyObpftlcG0           Bubble Print Art Tutorial

Week 2 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pDGpL0smww      Potato Printing Pebble Art

Week 3 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJAb-r_wqQQ         String Tree Art  

Week 4 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jE5uS1X5qWs          Painting with Coffee

Week 5https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Pj7Dd3BA3M          Mono-printing  NEW

Have a look at these 18 contemporary artists who are looking at climate change and conservation.


Year 6 were asked to develop their own versions of a hybrid animal, having looked at the work of various artists (see attached PowerPoint) who have created a range of mutated and evolved species.  The children were asked to think about their animals in the context of 500 years from now and how the animals have evolved through conditions such as climate change.   The children created their own animals and were then thinking about the environment in which the animal now lives.  I have attached an additional PowerPoint showcasing the artist Nigel Cook who creates surreal and fantastical environments by using a range of painting techniques.

The children can approach this in various ways.

  • They can begin with a drawing of their new hybrid animals by looking at two or three animals/fish/birds that we have on the planet today.
  • The children can also take inspiration from the Greek Myths and look at some of the mythical beasts in the classical stories.
  • Next, the children need to think about the habitat in which the animal lives, how has the habitat changed to adapt to the environmental challenges that have occurred over the last 500 years.
  • The children will then need to come up with a composition. What is the new environment going to look like and where are they going to place their animals within it?  Is there going to be only one hybrid animal or several, a family or a group? What are they doing: hunting, sleeping, eating, alert or relaxed?
  • The children can use whatever they have at home to create the piece.  It can be a drawing and coloured in with colour pencils or felt tips, they can create a painting using poster paint or watercolour, they can create a collage or they can combine ideas.  The children can use computer programs to develop compositions such as Photoshop or create a stop motion animation.  They can also look at creating a 3D version using junk modelling, Plasticine or play-dough.
  • Be creative, use whatever you have at home to expand on ideas and post a photo of your lovely creations!

Hybrid Animals

Nigel Cook

Thanks for all of your lovely artwork that you have been sending in, it’s all so varied and fantastic. I always said you are amazing artists! xx

Art Gallery:

If you would like to share some of the artwork that you have created at home, please photograph it and email it to the school office. We will then post it in this gallery. Arty links on Jo Acty’s ArtWorks website https://www.artworks.org.uk/links

Alice H P


Alice HP

Sophie C Candy canes Sophie C Red Admiral Sophie C Sophie C Miner bee
Natalie W, Red still life Hafsah sponge paint Sophie C Edie G. Hybrid animal

Anita’s poem, ‘Wind Boy’. Anita’s illustration for her poem, ‘Wind Boy’. Anita’s sketch Anita’s sketch


Anita’s sketch Anita’s sketch Natalie’s painted pot Mali’s Dinosaur sketch

Hollie’s animal fact sheet Toby’s poem inspired by Kwame Alexander Andi’s art Andi’s art

Andi’s art Andi’s art Sol’s art ‘Hilda’ by Felix

Felix’s art Felix’s art Hafsah A’s rock art Megan’s journal entry


Leon’s art Anita’s journal Felix’s jam tart Delilah’s art



Scarlet Scarlet’s Eton Mess Thomas S’s Brooklyn 99 themed models Thomas S’s Brooklyn 99 themed models


Thomas S’s Brooklyn 99 themed models Freya Thomas S’s poem Ocean predators by Thomas S



Ocean predators by Thomas S Hollie’s VE Day poster Hollie’s air-dry clay project Hollie’s tie-dye t-shirt
Hollie’s poster for the NHS Edie with her guinea pigs! Edie’s pressed flowers Edie’s cushion cover project
Edie unicycling Megan’s art work Megan’s art work Alice’s diary entry



Misty’s hybrid animal Scarlet’s poster about India Fin’s artwork Fin’s animal project



Anita’s hybrid animal Rose’s origami slinky and knitted hat for her baby cousin Thomas’s ‘Map to an Unknown Place’ and origami infinity cube





Other resources:

Here we will sometimes upload items of interest. This will have a nature and conservation theme as this is our theme for this term. We will post any other interesting activities and articles that the children may find interesting.


For keeping fit, mentally and physically, try the following links:

PE with Joe Wicks 

Smiling Minds


10 things to do whilst away from school:
1) Bake

2) Read a good book.

3) Go outside to explore nature.

4) Plant some seeds or do some gardening.

5) Write a song or rap.

6) Keep a sketch book.

7) Make a sculpture out of recycled materials.

8) Birdwatch – see RSPB

9) Make a movie or news report

10) Sewing and other arts and crafts.

P.S Spend some time away from screens!


Previous work:

19.5.10 Please complete PAGE 2 of the reading comprehension only.

Reading Comp

20.5.20 Please complete 100 points worth of activities using the Year 5/6 spelling words. Make sure you challenge yourself to do words that you find tricky and that you haven’t done before.

creative spelling

Year 5 and 6 spelling words


Please complete the following lesson on semi-colons (don’t worry that it says yesterday’s date):


21.5.20 Journal entry