A Curriculum Inspired by Rich Texts

Teachers at St Mary and St Johns use a rich text, linked to the term’s overarching theme, as a stimulus for high quality English lessons. These are set out on our Story and Poetry Matrix (see below). We aim to ensure that our curriculum introduces children to a range of diverse voices in terms of gender, ethnicity and culture. We believe that our school English curriculum should prepare children for the modern world and foster empathy, curiosity and inspiration.

The children in the younger classes may learn a new story by heart and may be encouraged to perform it, or may use a picture book chosen for its rich possibilities. As the children move through the years, they will then have the opportunity to read longer and more sophisticated texts. Teachers may use objects, films and a number of other resources to compliment the term’s main text.

In this way, our children build up a fund of stories over the years that they can draw on for inspiration and ideas in other areas of their learning.

Each year group also study three poetry anthologies throughout the year and have the opportunity to respond creatively in a number of ways, including through writing their own poems.


Story and Poetry Matrix