Welcome to Year One!

There are two classes in Year One each with around 30 children, their own class teacher, and one teaching assistant. The two classes are Willow Class & Chestnut Class.

The Year One Team

Chestnut Class
  • Class teacher –  Hannah Mumford
Willow Class
  • Class teacher –  Becca Edwards
Teaching Assistants
  • Gemma Davies, Lucy Saxton and Alice Mitchell


An average day in Year 1:

8:50-9:10: Arrive at school, pick lunch and settle into a morning activity

9:10: Register

9:20: Go Noodle

9:30: Maths

10:25: Break Time – This is morning snack time

10:40: Phonics

11:00: English

11:45: Lunch Time

12:55: Register

1:00: Guided Reading Carousel – Reading with teacher, Quiet Reading, Handwriting Practise, Phonics Group, Audio Books

1:30: Afternoon Lesson

2:15: Break Time – Afternoon snack is provided by us

3:00: Collect Bags and Story Time

3:20: Home Time


Please do not bring anything containing nuts or sesame for snacks or lunch.

Year Group Information