Welcome to Year One!

There are two classes in Year One each with around 30 children, their own class teacher, and one teaching assistant. The two classes are Willow Class & Chestnut Class.

The Year One Team

Chestnut Class
  • Class teacher –  Hannah Mumford
  • Class teacher –   Evy Baez
Willow Class
  • Class teacher –  Becca Edwards
Teaching Assistants
  • Gemma Davies, Lucy Saxton and Amber Bishop


An average day in Year 1:

8:40-9:00: Arrive at school, pick lunch and settle into a morning activity

9:00: Register

9:10: Go Noodle

9:15: Maths

10:10: Break Time – This is morning snack time

10:25: Phonics

10:45: English

11:45: Lunch Time

12:55: Register

1:00: Guided Reading Carousel – Reading with teacher, Quiet Reading, Handwriting Practise, Phonics Group, Audio Books

1:30: Afternoon Lesson

2:15: Break Time – Afternoon snack is provided by us

3:00: Collect Bags and Story Time, Head to the front gate for pickup


Year 1 Reading Books:

Your child will know what colour books they are reading as a starting point. Feel free to read as many books as you would like to!


Sound Blending Book 1

Sound Blending Book 2

Sound Blending Book 3

RWI Red Ditty Book – Nog in the Fog

RWI Red Ditty Book – I Can Hop

RWI Red Ditty Book – Get Up!

RWI Red Ditty Book – Sun Hat Fun

RWI Red Ditty Book – Fat Frog

RWI Green Book – Hands!

RWI Green Book – Nip and Chip

RWI Green Book – Rag the Rat

RWI Green Book – The Get Fit Club

RWI Green Book – Will’s Net

RWI Green Book – Skateboard Sid

RWI Green Book – Jan’s Pancake

RWI Purple Book – Skateboard Sid and the Hat

RWI Purple Book – A Pet Goldfish

RWI Purple Book – Red Ned

RWI Purple Book – Run, run, run!

RWI Purple Book – Popcorn

RWI Purple Book – Stop!

RWI Purple Book – Tom’s Tricks

RWI Purple Book – The Chest in the Sand

RWI Pink Book – The Big Match

RWI Pink Book – A Greedy Tiger

RWI Pink Book – A Map in the Attic

RWI Pink Book – The Troll in the Pond

RWI Pink Book – High on a Hill

RWI Pink Book – Light and Shadow

RWI Orange Book – We Can Play!

RWI Orange Book – Can you see me?

RWI Orange Book – A Bad Mood

RWI Orange Book – Fright Night

RWI Orange Book – A Vet’s Week

RWI Orange Book – A Pet Tortoise

RWI Orange Book – Jim’s House in 1874

RWI Orange Book – Horses

RWI Orange Book – Up in the Air

RWI Orange Book – Jam Tarts

RWI Orange Book – Good Old Grandad

RWI Yellow Book – What Can Baby Do?

RWI Yellow Book – Fun at Night

RWI Yellow Book – No Way!

RWI Yellow Book – Bushcraft

RWI Yellow Book – A Hungry Fox

RWI Yellow Book – What’s in the Woods

RWI Yellow Book – The Radish Contest

RWI Blue Book – Our Incredible Planet

RWI Blue Book – At the Seaside

RWI Blue Book – How to Make a Peach Treat

RWI Blue Book – Save the Whale

RWI Blue Book – On Your Bike

RWI Grey Book – Nancy Roman’s Space Telescope

RWI Grey Book – A Job for Jordan

RWI Grey Book – The Stone Age

RWI Grey Book – A place in space: the moon

RWI Grey Book – Silly Games

RWI Grey Book – A Pet or a Pest?

RWI Grey Book – Clothes

RWI Grey Book – Dinosaur Times

RWI Grey Book – Planets

RWI Grey Book – Carrion Creatures

RWI Grey Book – A flight to New York

RWI Grey Book – Mythical Monsters


Book Band 7:





Book Band 8:




Book Band 9:





Book Bands 10 + can be found on the Year 2 page!

If you wish to see how the Read Write Inc levels link into to the other reading scheme books available on the Oxford Owl website the document below may help.


Phonics Practise: 

Miss Bishop’s group were working on Phase 2 with a focus on segmenting and blending sounds.

Miss Edwards’ group were working on Phase 3 and spotting digraphs (where 2 letters make 1 sound) in longer words.

Mrs Mumford/Miss Baez’s group were consolidating Phase 3 and 4 and would have been beginning Phase 5.

Miss Saxton’s group were recapping all phases and working on Phase 5.


Miss Saxton has very kindly put together a document of links of some of our favourite phonics games! Take a look here:

Phonics Games Links

Phonics Phase Sound Videos Sound Workbooks
Phase 2 https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zf2yf4j Phonics Phase 2 Workbook




Phase 3 https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zvq9bdm


Phonics Phase 3 Workbook

Phase 3 Spelling Activity




Phase 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=is_CYvS_37g Phonics Phase 4 Workbook

Phase 4 Spelling Activity-

t-e-985-phase-4-phonics-activity-mat-pack_ver_6 t-l-8762-phase-4-phonics-picture-activity-sheets-_ver_2

Phase 5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imrSPFpC244 Phonics Phase 5 Workbook


Phase 5 Phonics Comprehension

Adult Guidance

Home Alone

Pete’s Silver

The Queen’s Elephant

The Whoopsit


Phonics Activity Mats Phase 2-5: t-l-526449-phonics-activity-mat-1-resource-pack-english-english_ver_1


Times Table Challenge:

Here are the Times Table Challenge Sheets! Ranging from the 2x table all the way to the 12x table.

Every Friday we had been doing the 2x table challenge in class, so all children will be familiar with this! If this is too easy, move onto the next one!

Children will be expected to know all times tables to 12 by Year 4, so we start learning in Year 1 with our 2s, 5s and 10s.

2x Table Challenge

On Your Marks

Get Set




European Championships






Please do not bring anything containing nuts or sesame for snacks or lunch

Year Group Information