National Curriculum

We follow the National Curriculum throughout the school. Developing children’s English and Maths is central to our teaching and learning. We spend time each day on these essential skills.

We use a cross-curricular approach to learning, when appropriate, helping children to learn in meaningful contexts, independently and in collaboration.

Wherever possible we encourage creativity and support the children in expressing themselves, in all areas of the curriculum, to develop their confidence and foster cooperation.

We place a strong emphasis on the creative arts, personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE), including e-safety, physical education and outdoor learning.

If you require additional information about the curriculum please contact the school office.


Curriculum design and coverage

We are committed to making St Mary & St John an inclusive environment, fostering curiosity, spirituality, creativity and respect. At our school we want everyone to be valued, to explore the joy of learning, and to achieve their full potential. Children at St Mary and St John celebrate the richness of diversity within our school community. They are confident, empathetic, and resilient, able to take measured risks with a sense of self-belief. We strive to empower the children at school, motivating them in an environment where they feel valued and understand the power of being inquisitive. When they leave us, they will be enthusiastic life-long learners who are ambitious, courageous and able to build positive, healthy relationships.


Intent of St Mary and St John’s Curriculum

  • Engage children in memorable learning experiences which encourage, stretch and support them on their journey to realise their full potential.
  • Accessible for all children, providing opportunities for discussion, exploration and risk taking.


Implementation of St Mary and St John’s Curriculum

  • Sequencing of lessons provides small steps in learning which build on prior learning experiences, allowing children to make cross-curricular links.
  • Lessons balance skills and knowledge.
  • Meaningful experiences in learning provide rich learning opportunities.
  • Understanding there is no ceiling on learning, having high expectations for all children.


Impact of St Mary and St John’s Curriculum

  • Establish a sense of belonging to the school and community with an ability to respect the rights of, and be inclusive of, others.
  • Children make connections in their learning.
  • Children succeed in their learning, no matter their starting point and develop a life-long love of learning.
  • Children are resilient, feeling confident and safe to take risks.
  • Children make meaningful, positive relationships, with both adults and children.


Curriculum Provision


Curriculum Maps

At the start of each term the class teachers send home a “curriculum map”, showing the main themes and areas of learning the children will be working on that term. We hope that this helps to keep families informed, and able to support the children’s interests and activities.

As part of our continuing story-telling project, the teachers place a story at the centre of each curriculum map, as the starting point for the topic and the term.



We are using a system of summative assessment as our ongoing assessment system. Every child in Y1 – Y6 does a Progress and Understanding in Mathematics Assessment (PUMA), every child in Y2 – Y6 does a Progress in Reading Assessment (PIRA) and every child in Y3 – Y6 does a Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Assessment (GAPS). Year 1 do a phonics screen based on the annual phonics screening assessment. The raw score from all these tests is converted into a standardised score. These results are the basis of the Pupil Progress Meetings alongside a detailed report from the teacher. The results are put into quartiles for each subject: Well Below Expected, Below Expected, Expected, Above Expected.

Please note, copies of the documents on this website can be made available from the school office.