Welcome to Year Six!

There are two classes in Year Six, with around 30 children in each. Each class has their own class teacher, and one or more teaching assistants. The two classes are Holly Class & Lime Class.


The Year Six Team

Holly Class

Class teacherAndrew Furniss

Lime Class

Class teacherRosie Robins 

Teaching Assistants

Ellen Bloxham, Helena Spiteri and Ali Morton



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Year 6 Gallery

African Drumming Workshop for Year 6

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their West African drumming and dance workshop recently. Kwame (from African Activities) taught the pupils how to drum and dance to traditional Afrobeat music. It was fantastic to see all the Year 6 students joining in, performing for each other and smiling throughout! Kwame also answered lots of questions about the Kingdom of Benin, giving the Year 6s lots of material for their report writing this week.

“I found learning about all different instruments so interesting. Kwame brought in so many instruments that I hadn’t seen before. The drums were really exciting but when he played the marimba (xylophone) I felt so calm!” – Holly class pupils.

“I loved learning about Kwame’s village in Ghana.” – Lime class pupil.