Meetings Every Term, Open to All

Meetings are held every term, so six meetings a year, usually on a Monday evening early in the term. They are open to all parents and carers, and teachers and governors always take part.

An Open Forum, for any Debate Related to the School:

Some items are agreed in advance. Others can be raised in the Open Forum session, when anyone can ask questions about school-related subjects, from behaviour policy to arrangements for the beginning and end of the school day, to how parents can best be kept informed about children’s progress in reports.

Newcomers Welcome

Look out for ParentPay emails giving the dates of upcoming meetings, or check on the PTA noticeboards in school

Newcomers are welcome! Please come along, to talk or to listen, and find out more.


Fund-Raising and Social Events

Meet People, Raise Money, Join In

Tea Stall! Most Fridays, in the playground after school.

With the support of parents and families the PTA raises amazing amounts of money to benefit children at the school (approximately £12000 a year in recent years) – but these events are not just about raising money. They are great occasions for celebration, of our families and our school and community.

Regular events include:

  • Tea Stall – Most Fridays, after school.
  • The Winter Fair – in November
  • Wooden Wheel Car Racing – in March
  • Quiz & Curry Night – in March
  • Summer Fair– in July


You can also help if you shop online, by using the St Mary & St John page of the School Fundraising website.



The PTA Committee

Committee Members, 2023–2024

  • Rebecca FoxChair
  • Fi Lloyd-Williams, Secretary
  • Tara Al-Salihi, Anna Smyth, Ian Flewitt , Co-Treasurers
  • Rachel Buchanan
  • Jacquie Thorndyke
  • Clare Nixon
  • Camille Hallo
  • Kevin Wooton


Contacting the PTA

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about getting involved, or  if there is a topic you would like to raise for the Open Forum session of the next PTA meeting please contact the secretary by email (, or just leave a message in the PTA pigeon hole at the school office.

Registered Charity no. 295619.