The PTA supports the school financially and practically in many ways, large and small, from money for school trips and help with gardening to much longer term projects developing the grounds.


Past Projects

PTA projects in the recent past have included:

  • Trim trail in the KS1 garden.
  • iPads for learning in class.
  • New girls and boys sponsored football kits.
  • Colourful murals.


Recent Successes

  • Monkey bars and cargo net in the KS1 garden.
  • Plants for the garden at the front of the school.
  • Money for after-school club toys and materials.
  • Locally made wooden friendship bench.
  • Outdoor table tennis table.
  • Donation to the social fund so all children can attend school trips.


Keeping it Going

Maintaining and supporting the work that’s been done:

  • Helping the children to learn how to grow their own plants.
  • Pruning the willow dome and renovating it regularly, weaving in the new stems.
  • Organising Spring Clean Sunday in March every year, to tidy up the gardens after winter.