PLUS Clubs – Activities for Everyone, After School

Girls and boys enjoy Football Club on the field.

PLUS Clubs offer children the chance to have fun trying out all kinds of activities after school.

We run twelve to fifteen clubs every term, covering a wide range of sports, arts and other interests. Some clubs are led by members of our own teaching staff; for others we bring in specialists from outside.

  • Open to all children at St Mary & St John.
  • One session a week (per club) – usually beginning in the second week of term.
  • Sessions usually last an hour.


We love the wide and changing range of after-school activities! Thank you.” (Parent, Governor survey, November 2016.)



Chess Club is for players at all levels, including beginners.

PLUS Clubs cost £6.00 per session, and there are usually six sessions per term.

If your child would like to join a club but you are not able to meet these charges please speak to your child’s class teacher or the school office, as we may be able to help with access to funding.

Children who come to PLUS Base regularly every week can attend one PLUS Club free of charge, on a day that they attend PLUS Base. Please speak to the school office to find out more about this.

PLUS Clubs are part of the activities of St Mary & St John CE Primary School. Their day-to-day management is run under the direction of the Headteacher and the school governors.