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PLUS Clubs are booked and paid for termly. Towards the end of each term a letter is sent out to all parents listing the clubs available from the start of the next term, together with a booking form. Copies of these letters and forms are also available from the school office.



Booking a Place

If you would like to apply for a place for your child in one or more of the clubs, please fill out the booking form and return it in at one of the school offices. If you are applying for places in more than one club you are asked to show on the booking form which is your child’s first preference, second preference, etc.

If you are applying for places for more than one child, please fill out a separate booking form for each child.

For some clubs, the number of children who can attend per term is limited. If these clubs are over-subscribed places are allocated according to preferences (as expressed on the booking form) and fairness (so if a child misses out on a club one term, they will be more likely to get a place next time).

Some clubs are run by parents, sharing their interests and professional expertise.

Please note – It is important that your child is collected on time at the end of a session.

Please note also – It is important that you notify either Key Stage offices if there are any changes to the details you give on the booking form (if contact phone numbers change, for example).



Paying Fees

We are now a cashless school and use an online service called ParentPay. After the clubs have been allocated you will receive a confirmation email and the club will then appear on your ParentPay account ready for payment. We no longer accept cheques or cash.