Arts Blog – May

Welcome to our May Arts blog. As usual, SSMJ’s has been buzzing with creative activity this term. Our parent area is bright with the fabulous spring photos taken by our children and staff to celebrate World Art Day on April 15th. Everything from squirrels, to cacti, bluebells to lambs. We are so impressed by their photography skills and observations.

Year 4 have started to make the wire armatures for their plinth people and are excited to translate their designs into reality. We are look forward to seeing their figures develop into 3D mini Year 4s by the end of the term. Meanwhile, Year 5, with the help of Jo and the Year 5 team, have been making their own paving designs into pebble squares for the courtyard outside their classrooms. They look amazing!

The sun appeared this week, just in time for Year 3’s cyanotype session. They looked at some amazing giant cyanotypes and learned about the process of making images using light sensitive paper and the sun. All the children made their own composition out of gathered leaves and created a cyanotype of their own. They really enjoyed the whole process, but were especially excited by the magic of seeing their own designs develop on the paper.

Parent and artist Mani took Year 6 on a tour of East Oxford street art and shared his extensive knowledge of street artists and local projects with the children and team. We look forward to future collaborations with Mani who has his eyes on some of our walls for a future mural project. It’s great to have willing, enthusiastic visiting artists come into SSMJ to share their knowledge.

Redwood and Cedar classes (Reception) have been bright with yellows, oranges, ochres and greens. They have been learning about Van Gogh’s style of painting and experiencing the joy of making their own amazing sunflower paintings.

Year 1 love to sing and their teachers use songs to help them to make smooth transitions from one activity to another. They are also all currently rehearsing the song ‘When I Grow Up’ for their sharing assembly performance.

The sound of Bollywood dance club can be heard after school again, as a new group of children are introduced to this wonderful style of dance. Our watercolour activity club is also now in full creative flow. They have been working on watercolour techniques in their hand-made sketch books.

Ali Moreton,
Sarah Blackwell
and the arts team