SIAMS Inspection Report – November 23

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SIAMS report November 2023


Please have a read of our SIAMS report. It has been incredibly humbling to read about our school in such glowing terms, and we are very grateful to the inspector for the time he spent getting to know our school and articulating what he saw in this report.Should you not have time to read the full report, here are a few highlights:– As a highly inclusive and diverse school, the uniqueness of the individual is valued and nurtured.– Members of the diverse community are welcomed and included fully in the life of the school.– People strive to be the best that they can be. This ensures that they flourish academically, socially and spiritually, because all is done in love.– Pupils are empowered to ask and answer many questions across the curriculum. They confidently explore the joy of learning in many subjects.– The result is a harmonious school where pupils behave exceptionally well.– As enthusiastic advocates for change, pupils are living out the vision.I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, the children, and the dedicated team in school (staff, governors and volunteers) for all your support in making our school such a warm, welcoming and inclusive learning environment.This is definitely worth celebrating!With best wishes,Bex Stott and the St Mary & St John Team